Walkera QR X350 Pro

Year 2014, time to look for a low cost, quick to assemble quadcopter, to be modified with FPV gear, something to travel with, overseas. So we purchased the Walkera QR X350 which can be assembled in 2 minutes, with no tools on hand. Today, our SAR teams were informed of another exciting version of the 350 size, the QR X350 Pro that uses Mission Planner. Lets see how hardy this drone is, as we take it for a stress test in every way… yeah.. in extreme ways..

First Impressions: I must say the X350 Pro flies very well, pre-tuned. It Loiters perfectly out of the box. sure enough, it did every standard thing with the Mission Planner. The only thing, out of the box, without any modification I am not able to add telemetry module or osd, however others have managed to solder them on…

• Quick assembly
• Completely Ready to Fly
• Up to 2 km / 1.24 miles
• Up to 25 minutes flight time
• Gimbal ready for camera anti-vibration 2-axis stabilization (new Walkera G-2D)
• New FPV camera called the ILook included in the FPV1 Pro package
• First Person View (FPV) flight
• FatShark compatible (multi bands)
• WIFI option for smart phones
• GPS and “One Key” Return to Home
• GPS Auto Pilot functions
• Failsafe auto RTH and Land
• Low voltage protection
• Devention DEVO F7,10 computer radio
• Easy to see LEDs
• Balance charger with world compatible wall adapter for travel
• + Mission Planner and Waypoint Autopilot

The other story about our X350 Pro is we lost it at sea, as we got too excited and forgot about the time and keep pushing it back to film a passing barge.

The x350 PRO uses a DATA BUS, which makes it easy to assign switches.  System Output Gear Switch is assigned to your standard 3 Position flight modes.  Default Aux 2 is assigned to Channel 7 option (example simple mode), and Aux 3 (Input gear) assign to Channel 8 option.

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