Welcome, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the team, friends and projects. Since 2012 Drone Mission has been embracing the concept of providing services to the community and a continuing search for the most effective ways to offer our unique set of skills in aerial technology.  Our professional services continue to be listed in our mission site or see the above tab SERVICES  on B-Roll Footage Production, Real Estates services, OSINT or SAR.

After several request to consolidate all our years of work, forums and videos together, you now have it all here.  Our passion in photography and videos are shown in our reviews.  With contributions from several folks and manufacturers, we hope you will find this site useful, learn something new and enjoy our video stories.  You can take a journey through the archives in chronologically order, to revisit the changes in aerial technology over the years or dive straight into the latest changes.

Most videos have a story to tell about a place, at a time; so on the STORIES category, you will find some of my favorite videos.  As a storyteller, I try to use photography, filmmaking and music as mediums to convey my adventures.

If you want to be notified of new activities, best to follow me in Twitter or Youtube.  I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube channel where all the excitement is.  Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

Leo Démíng, creator, system engineer

Pilots: Ryan, Leo
Regular contributors: Kate, EDY, Ryan, Chris
Frequent Guests: Terry, Lucy, Sarah