York flight

York flight

New tech meets old 2009 Ground Control Station Yoke Cockpit using Walkera Devo F12E with CompuFly USB to PPM More »

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Training modules includes disaster search & rescue, sinkhole inspections, fire command & tactical deployment. More »

Ranger Plane

Ranger Plane

Scorecard : Drill that usually involves 3 or more SAR volunteers. The Pilot and Sensor Operator will call out GPS coordinates on scorecards. More »

MultiGP Spec Formula Race

MultiGP Spec Formula Race

Walkera F210 First Spec Formula Drone Racing, community event hosted by Drone Mission and the Orlando RotoRacer More »

Voyager 3 Test Flight

Voyager 3 Test Flight

Maiden flight on Walkera 2015 quadcopter the Voyager 3. More »


Professional Services

From educational, OSINT, rescue, realty to construction aerial services, DroneMission.com continues the search for the most effective ways to offer our unique set of skills in aerial technology.  By using ultra high resolution cameras to the latest high powered 30x zoom lenses or high speed planes, we have them in our hangar ready for missions.  My name is Leo and I would like to introduce you to our team of pilots and our services.  We celebrate a decade of service going back October 2012, where it all began.

realty drone

Community and Educating the Youth
We promote aero modeling, flying robots, as a positive recreational activity to the youth by organizing events with local aero modeling clubs. We also contribute to club races and conduct our unique program of “see it, touch it, and fly it” with children of ages.

Part 107

Avalon Park Drone Camp – We teach FAA Part 107 Classes (for adults) or Build a Plane or Quadcopter (for Ages 13 and up) in Orlando, FL.  Sign-up Email. Classes on every Saturdays.

  • Condensed 10 hours class (instead of a semester at Embry–Riddle University)
    Day 1 – 5 hours theory, lots of chapter quizzes and pdf
    Day 2 – 5 hours advance, lots of practice tests, includes Drone Mission Flying Club Meetups (1 year).
  • Comprehensive class lessons to assist you in passing the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial operators

Classroom: Avalon Park E Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828

Creative Studio, Event Promotions, B-Roll and Reviews
Corporate participation is a major component to our success. There are many benefits and fewer risks in having an independent testing partner instead of in-house testing. Our testers and test consultants bring a much-needed impartiality to the testing processes for better quality, and in-house personnel are freed up to focus on their core business activities. 写评论文章,还有推广这个产品.  We travel to locations to film.

Aerial services for constructions and real estate development
We provide aerial photography to businesses, servicing Orange and Osceola counties of Florida. Other services includes editing and distribution, perfect for Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and social media sites.  Out of area, travel and accommodation expenses by quote.  You can hire by projects or hire a permanent staff.

drone constructions

Realtor Package – Aerial and interior rooms photography (up to 7 rooms).  With expertise in showroom presentation, room lighting and aerial view with pools. Includes free Mobile Florida Notary Public service at the same time.


(Pay Only When It Sells)

Aerial Video and Photos Only $150 / site flight
Video Editing (Optional) $25 / hr
Construction Sites and Roof Inspections Ask for Quote
Long Term Contracts and Partnerships Ask for Quote
B-Roll Movie Film Ask for Quote
Aerial Insurance Ask for Quote

Text Aerial Drone Manager Leo 407-564-6547 or Email

Open source intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT operations, is our cataloging of aerial photos for published on publicly available sources.  This allow OSINT users to search the vast haystack of visible data to find the needles they’re looking for to achieve their goals to produce actionable intelligence.

Search And Rescue (SAR) Services
Searches and rescues are supported by volunteers and corporations and conducted along with other SAR organizations. There is no cost when volunteers offer their services. We assist in missing person searches and support ground search teams, providing the GPS coordinates of any point of interests.

Train Fire Rescue, EMS and EOD Units
Our senior volunteers also train rescue teams on UAS. Training modules includes disaster search & rescue, sinkhole inspections, fire command & tactical deployment. What we usually do is select the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) units based on your needs, deliver and train the trainers. If you are a fire commander who is interested in this service, contact us.

If you have a need for our services, please email us through any of these channels.

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Drone Mission
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3564 Avalon Park E Blvd, Ste 1, Orlando, FL 32828