Understanding propellers directions on multicopters

If you find your multi-copter flipping on take-off or just don’t seem to take off, the first thing to check is your propellers or motors. If your propellers are spinning on the wrong direction, the thrust might just be pushing your copter down instead of lifting it up. If you have the propellers in the same orientation next to each other, it may just topple your copter. Propeller are usually marked with the spin direction and they should match the diagram illustrated below…Setting correct spin directions

The direction the motors spin (clockwise or counterclockwise) is determined by the connection to the ESCs. As you apply a small amount of throttle to the motors, check and see what direction they are spinning in, stick a masking tape to visually help. Motors should spin as indicated by the diagrams below according to type. Check the diagram below to see what direction each motor should spin and verify that the motor does spin in the specific direction.

Take note of which motors needs to be reversed and disconnect the battery from your copter. To reverse the spin direction of a motor, switch two of the three cables connecting the motor to the ESC by disconnecting two of the bullet connectors, switching the wires, and reconnecting as shown below.


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