Keychain Camera 808 #16 Lens D

Synopsis: Since we use the keychain camera #16 alot during DM training exercises, we have a quick video to show team volunteers how to hook up the provided JR connector from camera to an OSD to the video transmitter.

Keychain Camera 808 #16 version 2 is one of the better and affordable camera made ready to fly (RTF) for RC hobbyist. Comes with a JR connector, to connect to your video transmitter for FPV. Super light-weight ~17.  Here is an episode #16 on-board the plane, still going strong!

Video resolution: 1280×720 30fps (DVR), 848×480, 640×480 (FPV Video Out)
Photo resolution: 1280×960
Lens: 120 degree wide angle
Audio: built-in Microphone
Memory: Support Micro SD card up to 32 GB
Power supply: 5V DC
Weight: 17g

Secure your USB cable to reduce any vibration. Download the free software to change your settings.

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