JJRC H26 Quadcopter Review

Green, JJRC h26 quadcopter, under $70. First impression, this quadcopter looked somewhat familiar, so I went to the hangar to retrieve a few quadcopters.

Check this out. If you never knew the h26 had a carbon version, well look closely, you are right, it’s actually a Walkera Scout x4 next to it, white, green, carbon color.

Nothing like a 6 cell quadcopter, the h26 is of course very light compared to a scout x4, weighing only 380 grams. The weight advantage is the h26 is not going to break easily, when you crash it, therefore this serves well as a training quadcopter. The size is just right, and safe for beginners learning to fly. I am a fan of ultra light quadcopters, I never had any issues with gear motors, for what it is, perfect for a lightweight, and quiet for a garden flight…

I flew the H26 for a week. It is very easy to fly. the brush motors are easy to assemble and disassemble to clean the gear motors.

Out of the box, some minor design changes I would suggest. The thought process of meeting safety toy standards, a screw has been added to the LiPo battery compartment, without the screw on, the lid simply flies off. The battery connector limits the spare batteries I can easily buy of the shelves, I think a JST connector would have been more easily available.

The package comes with a USB charger, great for travelling, I must say it is the first 2s USB charger I ever received. Because charging uses the balance port, I actually end up using this USB, since I don’t have the right connectors for the computer chargers.

I have not figure out how to secure the landing skids, but i guess with a little bit of tape will do the trick again. The skids do fall off if not secured properly.

I like the full set of LED on prop guards, the for night flying this is how it looks. The lights are identical, so they do not tell you the difference between the front or back. There do light up well.

How you startup the quadcopter is always important.

  • find level ground
  • put the remote on
  • turn on the quad switch
  • do not move it as the gyro is being set to neutral.
  • bring throttle up to the top and lower it slowly, you hear a beep, this will complete the binding process.

Careful not to bump the throttle

To summarize my thoughts about it. it is definitely a keeper, a quadcopter I can pull out to give a friend a lesson or two. for what it is, I have no complaints other than the inconvenience of a screwed-on battery compartment and the lose landing skid. minor, both can be secured with some tape. The area to refine would actually be on the radio transmitter, where i feel a better set of gimbal sticks would give a user a better flying experience. The headless mode works okay, but the return to home, you just have to be ready to save your quadcopter when it takes a dive. So if you lose orientation, just use headless mode.

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