Eachine Touch T100 100W Balance Charger

You can’t beat that, a Touch Screen computer balance charger for $69, Eachine Touch T100 at a 100 watts, is everything you need for beginning RC.  The AC/DC charger carries a microprocessor controller that allows you to charge or discharge batteries.  With built-in lithium cell LiPo balancer to meet most Radio Control charging needs. This charger has a 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen and supports AC/DC dual input, an easy and convenient travel charger that strikes a balance in safety and security.  You can limit the temperature/time/peek to forcibly shut off when the limits are reached 

First Impression,  impressed that all the details are all layout in one screen and absolutely love the graphical interface.  I am a big fan of not having to scroll through menu to check the charging status.  If you are familiar with computer chargers, this touch screen menu system is easy.  The user manual does not explain in detail what the benefits of each safety settings, but they are the same and commonly available in all computer chargers.  The default recommended settings are acceptable if you do not have any specific preferences.   Here is a help chart we created.

Designed with safety in mind, the T100 allows you to set peak limits, and automatically shuts down, cuts off  when it is reached.

  • Delta-peak sensitivity
  • Capacity cut-off
  • Temperature cut-off
  • Processing safety time
  • Input power low cut-off
  • Automatic cooling fan

User Segment
Beginners, Park Flyers, Budget $ (source: $69 July 2016 Banggood)

What To Expect If This Your First

You can easily spend 15 minutes exploring with the menu and saving your 6 favorite LiPo settings in memory.  Charge most battery types including LiPo, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH and others.

The temperature probe is not included, but with a probe you can measure external temperature, beside internal charging temperature.

Similar Model

Users have considered these 2016 alternatives: SkyRC T6755,Ultra Power UP300, IMAX X200

Factory Specifications

Brand NameEachine
Item NameTouch T100
Operating Voltage RangeAC 110V-240V
DC 11.0V-18.0V
Circuit PowerMax. 100W for charging
Max. 5W for discharging
Charge Current Range0.1-7.0A
Discharge Current Range0.1-1.0A
Current Drain For Balancing Li-Po300mAh/cell
NiCd/ NiMH Battery Cell Count1-15 cells
Lithium Battery Cell Count1-6 cells
Pb Battery Voltage1-10 cells
Display4.3” color LCD touch screen

What we love about it

  • Touch User Interface
  • Every essential status on the front screen
  • 100 Watt charger
  • Safety features

What is essential we hope to see in the next version

  • Resistance checker to help determine battery condition

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